How much does a funeral service cost at Ewton Funeral Home & Cremation Center?

The cost of a funeral at Ewton Funeral Home & Cremation Center will vary depending on the services that you select.
All funeral arrangements will include a fee for the basic services of the funeral director and staff.  You may select other items including embalming, cremation, use of facilities, use of staff and equipment, transfer of remains, caskets, burial containers, etc.
In addition to the funeral home charges you may also have other expenses which are usually referred to as "Cash Advance Items" that you may ask us to buy for you, such as clergy honorarium, flowers, certified death certificates, obituary/newspaper notices, musicians, and cemetery charges/fees, to name a few.

How do I pay for the funeral?  Do you accept credit cards?

You can pay for the funeral with cash, check or credit card.  We accept all major brands of credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
In addition we can arrange a payment plan for you. Ask any of our staff members for more information on payment plans.

Who do I contact when a death occurs?

Call Ewton Funeral Home & Cremation Center at (423) 949-2112. We will make all the necessary arrangements.

If I choose cremation, can my family still have a funeral service?

Yes. Cremation is just another method of final disposition. After the funeral service the body will be sent to the crematorium rather than to the cemetery for final disposition.  Ewton Funeral Home & Cremation Center has an onsite crematorium.

How do I prepare a living will?

Here is a website to get you started setting out your healthcare wishes should you ever be unable to speak for yourself.
Healthcare Directives FAQ

How do I grant power of attorney to someone?

Here is some information on how to arrange for someone to make financial decision for you should become unable to do so yourself.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances FAQ

Where do I obtain a certificate of death?

Ewton Funeral Home & Cremation Center will provide you with copies of the certificate of death. In addition, we will notify the Social Security Administration of the death.

How do I donate my organs?

It is necessary for you to make these wishes known before you die. Here is a website with information on organ donation.

Organ Donation